ISO 26000 Certification Social responsibility – Performance Evaluation

ISO 26000 Certification | Social responsibility – Performance Evaluation

Social responsibility has become one of the most important factors to measure your organization performance and this is true of all sectors of society. Social responsibility is an organization’s responsibility in terms of legal and voluntary duty to consider its social and environmental impact of its decisions and activities. A corporate responsibility strategy outlines the ways that an organization responsibility contributes to sustainable development, engages with its stakeholders, and behaves ethically.

ISO 26000 Cerification is intended to assist organizations in contributing to sustainable development. It is intended to encourage them to go beyond legal compliance, recognizing that compliance with law is a fundamental duty of any organization and an essential part of their social responsibility. It is intended to promote common understanding in the field of social responsibility, and to complement other instruments and initiatives for social responsibility, not to replace them.

An enhancer of social responsibility, ISO 26000 corporate social responsibility can help you address everything from working practices to environmental policies, sustainable development, and the communities that you impact.

Performance level Guidelines

Performance level Includes Basic, Transitional, Intermediate, Advanced and Example Organisation

  • 1 – Rating is for Basic
  • 2 – Rating is for Transitional
  • 3 – Rating is for Intermediate
  • 4 – Rating is for Advanced
  • 5 – Rating is for Example Organisation
ISO 26000 Certification – Benefits
  •  Improve perception of investors, owners, sponsors and financiers
  •  Win greater trust and credibility as a socially responsible organization
  •  Improve reputation of the organization with governments, media, suppliers, customers and community in general
  •  Improve morale, commitment and productivity of employees
  •  Favorably influence and retain the customers, users and clients
  •  Achieve and maintain overall competitive edge