5 S

5 S

As operating cost becomes a matter of concern in the modern business environment, elimination of waste becomes a premium business skill. No wonder, organizations adopt new-age concepts like 5S that helps in achieving operational excellence by continuous improvement system (Kaizen). It is possible to develop competencies on waste elimination by mastering Kaizen by making small but incremental change routinely. Sustaining the same for a long time is the key to success. It is possible to achieve incredible change by improving the processes gradually.

Why is it called 5S?

5S is based on Japanese concepts of Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke. It is nothing but sorting the things, setting them in order, sweeping the things, standardizing the processes and Sustaining good housekeeping practices.

How do we help in achieving 5S certification?

When you look for 5S certification, it is highly important that a seasoned training partner like us accompany you during the journey. We make the things pretty simple to you. Our trainers impart the basics of 5S philosophy to you and help your organization in implementing the principles at your workplace. Believe it or not, but the tasks of waste elimination, cost reduction, or quality improvement become a kid’s play for you after attending the comprehensive training program by us.

What is the takeaway?

Our comprehensive training program imparts the basics and advanced concepts of 5S to your team.

We inculcate a revolutionary thought process so that you imbibe quality concepts in everything that you do at the workplace. It is kind of cultural change in the organization. We make everyone a 5S expert in your team. Call us today for achieving the best quality training that makes certification quite achievable.