Satisfaction Surveys

Satisfaction Surveys

Capturing the internal and external ‘voice of the customer’ is critical for your business.

The main aim is to improve your customer’s experience by identifying strengths and weaknesses and ultimately finding solutions. Extensive experience in survey development and management is a crucial in ensuring accurate research results.

Ethos professionals have already supervised more than 1,000,000 surveys. We pride ourselves on the quality of our field work and our ability to create surveys based on individual requirements and specifications.

All of our research work and information is carefully analysed and used for detailed report development.


Using a state of the art online and mobile reporting platform developed internally over the past 10 years, our survey and mystery shopping research work is delivered in real-time. Our platform can be accessed 24/7 from any smart device, containing all the information needed to take the required action.

Visual analytics in an ‘easy to understand’ dashboard
Detailed scores displayed for each location
Overall score by mystery shopping and Survey channel
Comparison between current and last wave/month


CAPI (Face to Face)

CATI (Telephonic)

CAWI (Online)


Customer Satisfaction / Happiness Surveys

Customer satisfaction or happiness surveys provide insights to create and reinforce delightful experiences. They help to measure satisfaction and happiness, identify strengths and weaknesses and find solutions to any problems that may hinder revenue growth.

Employee Engagement Happiness Surveys

In all organisations, employees are the most important factor affecting your customer experience journey. By measuring your employee’s engagement and happiness, you can improve employee loyalty, commitment and engagement.

Website Surveys

A simple way to understand your customer’s perceptions, satisfaction and happiness regarding your products and services. Send them an email with a link to complete a survey or have a survey link on your website to gather customer feedback.

Brand and Product Research

Gather vital information about your brand, products and services as well as your competitors. Know your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors. Get information about your market, product or service and its respective customers and prospects.

Vendors Surveys

Understand if the vendors are having a fruitful relationship with your organisation and identify the problems they are facing and take appropriate action.

Social Media Surveys

Gather information about your organisation’s social media networks and your social media influence across all social networking sites.

Exit Polls/ Pin Point Surveys

Assess your customer’s level of satisfaction about a particular aspect of your product and identify how likely a customer is to recommend or purchase.

Partners Surveys

Track the feedback to improve your relationships with your partners and prioritise objectives.

B2B Surveys

Understand the relationship between you and your partners and know what the decision makers have to say.

Community Surveys

Analyse, evaluate and benchmark community satisfaction happiness with your products and services.


 Attain instant and up-to-date feedback.
  Understand customer’s and employee’s Needs and Expectations.
  Review omni-channel performance from a customer perspective.
  Recognizse the organisation’s operational strengths and weaknesses.
  Identify areas of improvement.
  Improve the organisation’s productivity.
  Establishing customer loyalty by researching and delivering their needs.
  Benchmark against competitors.
  Test best practices to develop future policies.
  Build trust to the organisation.